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Kickstarter for innovation and concept development.

Accelerates the starting situation of the project by aligning mindsets.


A TIP workshop is a 4 to 5 hour meeting of minds. A co-creation session in which we rapidly map out the starting situation of the project and align our mindsets using various canvas exercises.

Workshop topics

  • Expectation: why are we here?
  • Vision: what do we see happening?
  • Starting situation: what will be our starting point?
  • Ambition: what do we want to achieve?
  • Challenge: what will our assignment involve?


The goal of the TIP workshop is to align mindsets, constructively and clearly formulate the assignment and accompanying developments that need to be realized to achieve the desired objectives.

Things in place session picture
Things in place session picture


  • Preparation: Quote, planning session, reading case, canvas printouts, workshop presentation layout.
  • Workshop: A 4-5 hour workshop on location with a maximum of 5 participants. JORIS facilitates the necessary equipment where needed.
  • Follow-up: The output and insights of the workshop will be processed into a project briefing PDF.


In addition to a TIP workshop experience that provides alignment among the stakeholders, a project briefing PDF will be created that outlines the output and insights of the TIP workshop. The project briefing PDF will outline the vision, scope, insights, and assignment, and serve as a briefing for the innovation trajectory.


In principle, a TIP workshop can take place in a room with space for projecting a projector and hanging multiple flipchart papers. An inspiring space can contribute to an energetic vibe. Working undisturbed without cell phones and interruptions is a plus. If desired, a (lunch) break can provide a chance for the brain to relax.

Want to start with a cup of coffee first? Let's get acquainted and explore each other's mindset to clarify your project perspective. Completely without obligation of course.

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