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Brand Leadership in business means guiding your company to its success. This includes your whole organisation, its products and its people. As a leader, you are the instigator, the director, and the motivator. Brand Leadership take your game to the next level. It’s a methodology for managing and aligning leadership behaviour, strategy and results.

Brand Leadership is the capability of a brand in being a leader in your market segment. It is a brand strategy that optimizes brand value and awareness so that your brand’s product or service receives preference and has high purchase intent.

Brand Leadership branding strategy is pivotal in empowering your brand to be perceived as unique to gain customer loyalty, market value, market share, and long-term growth. It further decreases price sensitivity and enables a brand to charge a price premium.

Designing Brand Leadership from the inside out.
Designing Brand Leadership from the inside out.
Designing Brand Leadership from the inside out.
Designing Brand Leadership from the inside out.

In practice, JORIS™ designs from the inside out, developing quality to transcend your position through a BrandSprint™: an intense, pragmatic design process that accelerates, inspires and solves strategic brand operations.

This powerful exercise generates a Brand Concept consisting of brand strategy, visual tools, marketing inspiration and roadmap for Brand Leadership. Based on belief, meaning and inspiration, it creates a leading brand from the deep within yourself and your business.

Four key scenarios where
Brand Leadership is most often required.

Creating what’s next.
Growing your reach.
Adapting to a new reality.
Building brand preference.
Fulfilling your target audience with positive impact, your brand makes it easier for them to prefer you.

How we co-create
your new brand reality.

Every challenge is different, and so every solution evolves in its own bespoke way, shaped by what we discover and the response this demands. Yet here’s a broad outline of how JORIS™ will help your brand rise to any challenge and design your new reality.


Diagnosing the challenge.

To become an extension of your team, we align our minds to understand what makes you tick. Reviewing relevant elements, understanding industry trends and your competitive landscape. We size up the challenges that your business faces and look beyond your brief to explore new opportunities for your brand.

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Engineering your solution.

Together we define the future identity of your brand. Designing an identity driven brand strategy for success. We then develop these as your brand solution by creating proposition value, potential product and service designs, as well as organisational, behavioural and business performance powers.

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Visualizing new reality.

Your brand truly works when it delivers. When the What is as robust as the 'Why'. We visualise your new brand reality with marketing design and brand implementation. The result? A Brand that delivers engaging experiences for those they serve.

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Serving you with brand,
business and experience design.

Brand design
Brand Identity design
Designing your visual, verbal and moral identity that stands your promise and brings out your best.
Value proposition design
Designing your unique brand instrumentals that will value your customer expectations and builds your brand preference.
Brand Positioning design
Defining your brand purpose, personality and characteristics that results in a unique positioning.
Brand Strategy design
Designing a solid brand structure on which to build your future path in business towards your purpose.
Brand Experience design
Visualizing your brand in action with brand touchpoint inspiration and marketing experience examples.
business design
Business Model design
Designing a sustainable business model based upon contextual insights and relevant business opportunities.
Customer Journey Design
Designing your optimum sales journey starting from the customer needs and buyer persona’s.
Product & Service design
Designing (new) solutions that exceed the customer expectations.
Corporate Strategy design
Designing your route to a great company future.
experience design
Internal branding design
Designing strategic brand expressions that will grow brand engagement among your key stakeholders.
Employer branding design
Designing strategic and engaging ways, means and actions to find new talent and nurture your employees.
Marketing & Sales strategy design
Designing your brand’s marketing calendar & sales process, ensuring it succeeds in its market.
Communication & campaign design
Designing visual means that deliver on your brand ambitions and end-users’ expectations.
BRand Design

Designing brand belief.

Be authentic to who you are, relevant to your customers, and different from your competitors.

Business design

Designing brand future.

Take a customer centric approach to envisioning your future business and create a compelling plan to get there.

Experience Design

Designing brand impact.

Create and shape brand experiences based on your brand, its context, broader trends and user research.

The positive changes we have been through wouldn’t have been possible without the help of JORIS™.
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