HealthTechnics for life
HealthTechnics for life
HealthTechnics for life
HealthTechnics for life
HealthTechnics for life
HealthTechnics for life

The VZI is a professional association for medical technicians in the Netherlands. The ever-growing role of technology requires a revolutionary innovation and strategy to ensure the existence of the VZI. With the new HealthTechnics for life brand positioning, we have been able to translate the VZI vision into a futureproof platform for the next generation of Medical Technicians. Because healthy technology is their life.

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Healthcare technology
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Brand Optimization

The basis for a next generation.

The association for hospital instrumentation technicians brings together professionals in medical technology. VZI guides the user and guarantees the quality of the technology. An important role, which in practice deserves the necessary recognition and a clear position. But how can this position be taken up inside and outside the healthcare sector? How can the VZI organize itself in such a way that it is always up to date with the lightning-fast technological developments and new knowledge?


Putting experience in the spotlight.

Medical technicians play a vital role. They are ready with their knowledge and experience when something goes wrong. Awareness of that role is the first step in the process. That is why a next generation strategy was developed. This strategy is supported by the new platform Healthtechnics for life. The profession of medical technician is put in the spotlight with knowledge and networking events, excursions and regional meetings. The new strategy also includes a new visual identity and an updated operational plan.


Healthy technology for life.

With Healthtechnics for life, VZI has created a professional safety net for medical technicians. The new concept is currently being implemented and will be supported by events and conferences. The idea behind this is to give medical technicians a visible role as doctors of medical technology.

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The positive changes we have been through wouldn’t have been possible without the help of JORIS™.
Henk Imming
Chairman VZI
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