Connecting to continuity
Connecting to continuity
Connecting to continuity
Connecting to continuity
Connecting to continuity
Connecting to continuity

NexR® is a new created brand by two organizational developers that wants to enhance society with optimal connections. Focused on creating performance leadership through human capital. A starting brand ready to enable organizations to improve and innovate themselves continuously.

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Brand Creation

Keeping your company in it’s optimum.

Two independent organizational developers have found each other in a continuously changing society in which organizations have difficulties to remain successful. They both see that the lifespan of organizations is getting shorter, and they embrace the fact that the adaptability and innovative capacity in organizations is becoming increasingly important.

This requires a sustainable solution that enables organizations to continuously improve and innovate. There they see as a new corporation NexR the opportunity arises to develop the quality of cooperation for a better connection with each other and the environment. Because the quality of the collaboration determines the ability to continue to perform and grow, according to the two founders of NexR.


Learn how to respond to the continuously changing environment.

By learning how to cooperate, you enable organizations to continuously perform and grow. That is why NexR® believes in collaboration as a strength for individuals, teams and organizations to play a lasting role in an ever-changing environment.

An environment that requires the connection with structures, policy choices, people and needs to be developed in order to be able to better connect with today and tomorrow. Because without optimal connections, no sustainable performance.


Catalyst for sustainable impact.

NexR® believes that a future-proof organization exists. An organization in optimal condition for a permanent connection to today and tomorrow. Vitality for individuals, teams and organizations to deliver a sustainable impact in a continuously changing environment. That is why NexR’s mission is to develop the adaptability that keeps employees, teams and organizations at their optimum. With the NexR® Optimum Method as a catalyst for sustainable impact, NexR® wants to make organizations future-proof to be able to master the challenges of a continuously changing society.

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JORIS™ challenged us to look for the depth, so that we ultimately have a super cool brand with an experience that connects in the right way and with the right customers.
Henk Koershuis
Co-founder NexR®
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