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Zadelman® is a new designed brand that wants to bring cycling pleasure to a higher individual level. Determined to become a world player in the leather bicycle saddle segment. Kicking off with focus on creating a new business with authentic dutch design cycling saddle innovations. The designed Brand concept visualizes the ambition of Zadelman® and helps this startup to connect with new stakeholders to bring this brand to the market.

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Cycling Saddles
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Brand Creation

Creating more pleasure in cycling.

A few befriended cycling enthusiasts and industrial engineers are convinced that they can get more cycling pleasure from leather bicycle saddles. Leather bicycle saddles are the top in the saddle segment, but they have an old-fashioned character. The opportunity to take leather bicycle saddles to the next level with innovation and future prospects. With 120 years of leather bicycle saddles experience of the former Lepper brand in their ranks, they started working together on developing a new business concept in bicycle saddles with brand design, strategy design and product design. Zadelman was born and determined to become a world player in the leather bicycle saddle segment.


Genuine cycling saddles powered by customization.

By offering possibilities in terms of specifications, preferences and service, Zadelman fully customizes cycling comfort to the customer needs. Zadelman bicycle saddles offer facilities to increase customized cycling comfort with genuine leather as the best choice for its adaptive, durable, breathable and eco-friendly properties. In addition to leather Zadelman also places product options and user preferences at the heart of their way of working to be able to customize even better. Zadelman is here for cycling specialists and cycling enthusiasts.


Enabling the ultimate in cycling comfort.

Zadelman wants to make people believe and experience that leather bicycle saddles are the best way to bring cycling comfort to a higher individual level. A bicycle saddle is the most important touchpoint with which cycling comfort can be significantly influenced. The greater the comfort, the better and longer we will ride. As an engineer Zadelman knows that ‘customizing with leather and innovation’ can convince specialists and cycling enthusiasts that they understand the challenges of everyday cyclists. Zadelman leather bicycle saddles are being created for sporty cyclists, commuter (e-bike) cyclists, hipster cyclists and cargo cyclists who want more cycling comfort, want to prevent saddle pain and want a distinctive bicycle product that matches their cycling taste and image.

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JORIS™ has been outstanding, and the quality of the brand that we have created is a testament of that.
Herman Kemna
Co-Founder Zadelman
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